How to Prevent and Fix Heat-Damaged Hair

Medically Reviewed by Dr Sravya, MBBS, MS 


Do you have any kind of heat hair damageAt this moment in time, our hair is subjected to a lot of heat styling daily, from blow drying and entwining to flat ironing and surge. In contrast, hot tools can make your hair look trendy and put-together, and heat damage can beget dry,  breathless, and brittle beaches over time. And if you color or chemically reuse your hair, this damage is aggravated because it’s combined with the goods of the chemicals used to get your chosen color. ” When the hair  beachfront is damaged by heat, the  external cuticle subcaste, also known as the hair’s  protection, begins to break down, exposing the medulla, the strongest part of the hair.”

Let’s see the frequently asked question: How to Prevent Heat-Damaged Hair? What can I do to protect my hair from heat damage? What are the home remedies for hair protection?

Heat damaged hair

What is the hair biology?

Hair Structure

A strand of hair may appear simple, but it is one of the body’s most complex systems. Hair is composed of two distinct components. The hair follicle is located beneath the skin, while the hair shaft is visible above the skin.

1. Follicle of Hair

Your hair begins to grow and is held in place by the hair follicle. It’s a stocking-like structure that begins in the epidermis, the top layer of your skin. It reaches the dermis, your skin’s second layer.

2. Shaft of Hair

The visible component of the hair is the hair shaft. The cells are no longer living after the hair grows beyond the skin’s surface. It is composed of three layers of keratin, a protein that hardens. These are the layers:

How does heating equipmemt cause hair damage?

At cortex level

At molecular level

How do you identify the hair damage?

What can be done to fix the heat hair damage?

Treatment methods to relieve heat-damaged hair can differ depending on how damaged your hair is and the type of hair you have.

1. Curly hair Heat

2. Straight hair

3.Hair that has been chemically treated

How to prevent hair damage from heating?

The easiest way to get rid of heat-damaged hair is to avoid heat completely. Of course, this isn’t always practical, but there are some tried-and-true methods for protecting your hair.

Follow these suggestions to prevent heat damage.

What are the home remedies for hair protection?

 All- Natural remedies that help to repair heat damage are : 


You may dramatically reduce the danger of heat damage to your hair and retain its health, strength, and natural beauty by applying these preventive measures and protective practices. In case the damage is beyond the level of the treatment at home, then visit a medical professional and receive the proper treatment.

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